Online Housecalls

Online Housecalls is a service that allows the patient an alternative to usual in-office medical care.  We are proud to have provided this enhanced access feature to our patients since 2004.  This service gives us the ability to conduct medical visits confidentially and securely - at a time and setting that is convenient for you.  It is designed to provide an convenient alternative to in-office medical visits for treatment of common health problems.  This feature of our practice is available ONLY to current exisiting patients of Full Circle Family Medicine.  A physician-patient relationship must be established first before we will respond to medical service requests.  Please be aware that on-line medical visits may not be paid/reimbursed by your health insurance company.  The fee for this service is $39 and is charged directly to your credit card.  Online Housecalls can be effectively used to treat many conditions.  However, not all conditions are appropriate for this service including life-threatening conditions and those that require a direct examination or a medical procedure.  IF YOU HAVE A LIFE-THREATENING EMERGENCY, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY!  Most messages receive a reply within one hour, but this is not always possible.  Dr. McNabb makes every effort to respond to the messages within 4 hours during usual work days and within 12-24 hours on holidays and weekends.  

Procedure for completing an Online Housecall:
  1.) If you have not already done so, register as a patient at
Create an Account.
  2.) Click on
Online Housecalls and complete the medical questionnaire and credit card information
  3.) Make sure that you click on the SUBMIT button.
  4.) Dr. McNabb will receive a message that you have submitted an Online Housecall.
  5.) He will go to the Medfusion secure website, retrieve your message and respond appropriately
  6.) You will recieve a message to login to the secure website.
  7.) After logging in securely, read your message and instructions.
  8.) Please follow his instructions and go to your pharmacy to pick up any precriptions.
  9.) Dr. McNabb will enter the encounter into your electronic medical record to document the issue and care provided.



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