Cosmetic Services Price List


   This page lists our pricing for cosmetic procedures.  You will find that compared to other offices and medspas, our prices are very affordable.  We often are asked why our prices are better than the competitors.  Well, simply speaking, as a medical practice, our overhead is covered by our usual business.  We don't need to sell outrageously expensive packages of services to cover the operating costs of an overpriced medspa.  We also pledge not to run the "shell games" and "smoke and mirrors" of pricing common in this business.  Our prices are plain and straightforward.  What you see is what you pay.  So, if you can do without the waterfountains and mood music, we will provide quality service at a great price. 

   The following are typical prices for most patients. However the actual price may vary due to multiple factors including skin type, hair characteristics, muscle bulk or tone, skin quality, previous treatments and others. Please schedule a consultation to determine the treatment program and exact pricing.

                  Summer Specials!

                  Pearl resurfacing skin laser

                     $499 per treatment

                     Special pricing - usually $999

                Botox Cosmetic - $10.99/unit
           Special pricing only for injections of 20 or more units.
        (This special offer is valid only through June 30, 2017.)


  ProWave Hair Removal

  Pearl Skin Resurfacing Laser

  LimeLight Photorejuvenation

  Levulan with LimeLight

  Laser Genesis

  Spider Veins with CoolGlide Laser

  Mole/Benign Lesion Cosmetic Removal

  Botox Cosmetic

  Dermal Fillers

  Glycolic Face Peels

  Pelleve' Skin Tightening

    If you are interested in any of our cosmetic services, please print out and complete our cosmetic consultation form.  Then make an appointment for a FREE personal consultation. Most insurance companies do not consider cosmetic procedures to be medically necessary treatments. Therefore, patients are responsible for making payments for these services.

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